Citizens Ilford

Citizens Ilford

Citizens Ilford is a development from Project Malachi in association with Citizens Redbridge, Citizens UK and TELCO ( This community and multi-faith initiative is proposed to influence the forthcoming development of central Ilford with emphasis on community and social needs rather than the interests of business and commerce only. This will be of great importance in the long term goal of eliminating homelessness and making sure that social infrastructure grows with the development of affordable housing. If you would like to be involved and also to attend an initial community meeting on the 10th October, please contact Paul Samuels by email:

Project Malachi moves on apace

The homelessness project titled Project Malachi is nearing the completion of its construction stage. As a parish, and as part of the Palmer Parish Group, we will be supporting the project by sponsoring one of the accommodation modules. Over 5 years, we hope to raise £25,000 which will be the cost of running one module. Apart from accommodation it will pay for professional support to residents in helping them return to work, overcome substance dependency and become self-supporting. Employment rehabilitation will also be provided through ‘Re-cycles’.

Project Malachi

Project Malachi takes shape! This is a multi-faith initiative to support rough sleepers in Ilford. Together with accommodation, employment, rehabilitation and medical services will be offered.

Confirmation 2019

On the great feast of Pentecost, Fr Andrew administered the sacrament of Confirmation to our parish candidates at the 6.00pm Mass on Sunday. May the gifts of the Holy Spirit find a fruitful reality in their lives.

Diocesan Vision – e-bulletin May 2019

This is the latest update from Steven Webb, Diocesan Director of Development, concerning the vision for renewal and re-structuring within the diocese.

Chapter of Canons

It was a heart warming liturgy at Brentwood Cathedral today (20th May 2019) for the installation of Fr. Tom Lavin and Fr. Bob Hamill to the Chapter of Canons.

Confirmation candidates visit Brentwood Cathedral

It was a most stimulating and provocative afternoon for our young people. Listening to Barry and Margaret Mizen speak about the death of their son and how their faith has carried them ever since; and Bishop Alan on the value of perseverance and prayer.

Lord Bourne visits SSPP

Today, hosted by SS. Peter & Paul’s Catholic Primary, Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth visited the parish to offer his condolences to the Sri-Lankan community and to find out what involvement the parish has in multi-faith activities. We were glad to to be able to present to him information about Project Malachi, a multi-faith initiative to support those sleeping rough in Ilford, in which the parish is involved. He was greeted by the school’s pupil ambassadors who also asked him questions about promoting community cohesion.

Lord Bourne speaks with members of the Sri-Lankan community
He was greeted by the school’s ambassadors
Project Malachi was well represented

The Big Sleep Out – update

Listen to the motivation that young and old have in their compassion for those who are homeless: