125th & Online Mission

On Tuesday, 27th October we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of our parish. We will mark the celebration with an evening Mass at 7.30pm. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Emeritus Thomas McMahon. Details will be announced in the near future but will be subject to the changing situation of Covid-19.

In the week prior, we will hold an online mission. We will have live streamed services and pre-recorded media, as well as time for adoration and silent prayer.

The mission events may be viewed here: http://ssppilford.org.uk/wp2/live-stream-church-services/

Mission Timetable

Sunday 18th OctEucharist & ResurrectionExposition of the Blessed Sacrament and meditation3.00 – 4.00pm
Monday 19th OctThe Servants of GodThe nature of service to both God and the community – with Fr. Diego Arrambide (pre-recorded)7.00pm
Tuesday 20th OctScripture for Daily LifeThe relevance of the Word of God for every day – With Fr. Adrian Graffy (pre-recorded)7.00pm
Wednesday 21st OctPrayerAspects of Prayer – With Fr. Martin Boland (pre-recorded)7.00pm
Thursday 22nd OctCommunityA group discussion with leaders of other faith groups, led by Fr. Andrew (planned as a live broadcast)7.00pm
Friday 23rd OctFaith Clipswith Bishop Robert Barron (pre-recorded by ‘Word on Fire’.)7.00pm
Saturday 24th OctScripture Study Day‘The Joy of the Gospel’ with Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, (most likely will now need to be pre-recorded)11.00 – 3.00pm

All of these times and dates are subject to the changing regulations for Covid-19.

If you missed any of the live streams, you can view a recording on the link title below:

Holy Hour, Sunday, 18th October

‘Why I believe’ with Fr. Diego Arambide

‘Scripture for Daily’ Life with Fr. Adrian Graffy