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The Season of Advent

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Statement on Abortion

You can find the recent statement on abortion made by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland here:¬†2017 Statement on Abortion

 Parish Pastoral Council

Live Streaming Project It was agreed at the recent Parish Council meeting to install a system to ‘live stream’ 9.30am Mass on Sundays for those who receive Holy Communion in their homes after Mass, and for other Masses and events where it seems appropriate. The process involves filming and broadcasting in real time to the internet at but is not a substitute for attending Mass if you are able to come! There will be one camera in the choir gallery which will focus on the sanctuary area so that the congregation will not be easily identified. We will be taking advice about safeguarding issues that apply, especially to young people, but it is the case that many parishes around the UK, and the world, have been doing this for sometime. It will also be possible to live stream remotely when there is an event involving parishioners not in church. (for example, pilgrimages and meetings). It is planned that installation work will take place next week for trialling purposes. If you have any concerns or questions, please speak to Fr. Andrew or Paul Samuels.

Project Malachi

This is a multi-faith initiative to address the issue of persistent rough sleeping in the L. B. Redbridge. Temporary accommodation will be established in Chadwick Road near the centre of Ilford on the site of the now demolished Gilderson’s Funeral Directors. The construction will be of specially modified shipping containers and will accommodate about 40 people together with the social enterprise ‘Recycles’. There will be communal facilities as well as space for admin and warden accommodation.

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