Parish Community

Some of our Confirmation/Youth group produced this artwork for our Lenten Calendar

Well done and thank you to Tony, Aksheeca, Suveetha, Katie, Jony and Karen.

Blessing of Homes in Lent           

As a Lenten exercise, Fr Andrew will be visiting parishioners who would like their homes blessed, taking an area of the parish each week. If you would like your home blessed on a day/evening within the relevant week below, please e-mail Fr Andrew: as early as possible.

Week One           14-20 Feb            Area One

Week Two           21-27 Feb            Area Two

Week Three       28 Feb – 6 Mar  Area Three

Week Four          7-13 Mar              Area Four

Week Five           14-21 Mar           Area Five

Please refer to the map of the parish in the porch if you are unsure which area you live in.

“Let it be done unto me.”

There will be a series of presentations and discussions during Lent starting on Tuesday, 20th February @ 8.00pm. A preview of these talks can be seen HERE. Each ssession will begin with a DVD presentation and will be followed by discussion of the content. These sessions will be live-streamed for those who are sick or housebound. Tea and coffee provided. Please bring a friend!

 Statement on Abortion

You can find the recent statement on abortion made by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland here: 2017 Statement on Abortion

Photos of the newly decorated church interior can be found here.

Please check the Newsletter each week for Mass times.

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