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We apologise for the absence of our live stream. Our internet connection has been down for a week now but is on the brink of being restored! Thank you for your patience.

The Year of the God Who Speaks

Scripture study days with Fr Adrian Graffy can be viewed on our Evangelisation page. From Advent we will be having our own faith evenings in the parish to celebrate this topic ( instigated by Pope Francis) of The God Who Speaks. More details to follow.

Citizens Ilford

Citizens Ilford is a development from Project Malachi in association with Citizens Redbridge, Citizens UK and TELCO ( This community and multi-faith initiative is proposed to influence the forthcoming development of central Ilford with emphasis on community and social needs rather than the interests of business and commerce only. This will be of great importance in the long term goal of eliminating homelessness and making sure that social infrastructure grows with the development of affordable housing. If you would like to be involved and also to attend an initial community meeting on the 10th October, please contact Paul Samuels by email:

Project Malachi in construction phase

The homelessness project titled Project Malachi is nearing the completion of its construction stage. As a parish, and part of the Palmer Parish Group, we will be supporting the project by sponsoring one of the accommodation modules. Over 5 years, we hope to raise £25,000 which will be the cost of running one module. Apart from accommodation, it will pay for professional support to residents in helping them return to work, overcome substance dependency and become self-supporting. Employment rehabilitation will also be provided through ‘Re-cycles’.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes – with BCYS

Follow this link to see the BCYS ‘Virtual Pilgrimage’ with the Youth Team and Fr. Dominic Howarth:

Blessing of the Chalice

For those who missed the live stream of the Blessing of the Chalice @SSPPIlford or those who would like to see it again, it can be viewed here: … It may take a moment to start.

Diocesan Vision – Latest update

Here is the link to the latest e-bulletin from Steven Webb, Diocesan Director of Development, concerning our vision for renewal and restructuring.

Our live stream of church services is now here:

Live Stream



Live Streaming and Recording of services.


You are advised that our church building is covered by live streaming 24/7 and some liturgical services may also be recorded at the same time. If you require further information about these facilities, please contact Paul Samuels in person or by email:

Diocesan Vision Strategy

In accordance with the re-structuring plan outlined in the Vision Document, SS. Peter and Paul’s will form a parish group with four other local parishes; St. Bede’s, St. John the Baptist, St. Cedd’s and St. Teresa’s. The priests and stewards of these parishes will be meeting together to begin to formulate a strategy for renewal and mutual support. After this meeting, each individual parish will come together to discuss the outcome and to see how they might contribute to the process as a whole.

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